Thumbelina series is personal project for Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fairy tale ‘Thumbelina’ using Korean folk painting ‘Minhwa 민화’ style by Dani Soon

layla a.k// Damascus Moon

Pantone Pairings is a snack-inspiring project by David Schwen. In the clever and appetizing series he transformed many of our favorite food pairings into color complementing Pantone swatches. 

 ”As a designer, you’re constantly picking color chips and pairing them up with one another. A while back I had an idea of making Pantone chips out of real household objects—sponges, cardboard, etc. But while I was finishing up a poster design, I had taped two Pantone chips together to see how they looked together. Instantly I thought of how people pair food together. And that was that. Pantone pairings.”

 Candice Sedighan // Champ

“I really like to capture the true essence with dogs, which is that they’re always so happy. The time Champ and I spend together, he’s just always beaming with happiness and you can really see that through my photos.”

Jay DeFeo is best known for this monumental painting, entitled The Rose, which she started in 1958 and completed over the course of eight years. The piece consists of white and gray paints layered so thickly onto the canvas that, in some ares, the paints are almost eight inches thick. She used so much oil paint that she called it “a marriage between painting and sculpture.”

The Rose measures 7.5 x 11 feet and weighs 2,300 pounds,

 Roseline de Thélin has been making a name for herself with her stunning holographic light sculptures. Using a wide range of materials including fiber optics, quartz crystals, mirrors, wires and chains, she creates ethereal human beings that look like they’re mysteriously hovering in mid-air.

For this year’s Kinetica Art Fair, London’s annual event that sits at the cross section between art and science, de Thélin exhibits Seated Child, a sculpture that’s meant to represent “God’s waiting room in the spiritual dimension” or “waiting in limbo.”

Wolfgang Stiller // Matchstick Men

 ”The installation can appear like a battlefield or just like some playground where someone played around with matches and dropped them.All the heads I’ve used so far are from Chinese people. This sometimes leads to the assumption that this is a criticism of the Chinese government. One can read it that way, but I think this metaphor could be used for any western system as well. The matchboxes could be simply seen as formal elements within the installation, as coffins, or simply as matchboxes. I actually like to keep it open since I don’t like art that leaves no space for one’s own imagination.”

Fiona Roberts // Scopophilia 

Brooklyn-based artist group FAILE, a collaboration between artists Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller, unveiled this permanent public installation entitled Wolf Within. Standing approximately 16.5 feet tall, the sculpture consists of fiberglass, steel, and granite, and is located at the site of the National Garden Park in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

The Wolf Within concept was originally conceived in 2008 as a series of paintings that created a strong visual dialogue about the current financial crisis. According to the artists, “For Western audiences, Wolf Within was a vivid illustration that the bull-market couldn’t last forever, and a world out of balance can only sustain itself for so long.”

Frank Halmans // Built of Books